Protect your online investment

Web hosting & server management

Having put time, money and resources into your business’ website, it deserves the best when it comes to ongoing hosting and server management.

At Amity we go further than many others out there to provide a higher standard of web hosting and ongoing support. Our level of service isn’t something you’ll find everywhere.

We partner with only the highest standard of server providers, and we’ve optimised those servers for performance, reliability and security. Our servers are regularly updated and backed-up - using 3 different back-up measures, no less. They are also constantly monitored for any issues, so we get immediate alerts if anything goes wrong and will get things back on track quickly.

When it comes to your online pride and joy, Amity ensures uncompromised server hosting and management that puts your website in the safest hands.


The faster your website, the more conversions. Our finely-tuned servers are optimised to give a dramatic improvement on your average hosting speeds, while our websites are fuelled by the fastest content management systems.


Our server providers are industry leaders, using the very latest and greatest technology. Our cloud server solutions guarantee reduced hardware failure, increased redundancy and higher availability.


We’ve increased security on our servers way beyond the set-up of other hosting providers in the market. Furthermore, our firewalls and access policies make unauthorised access even harder.


We have 3 back-up systems in place: Entire servers are backed-up with our hosting providers; each customer hosting account is backed-up to Amazon S3; and individual websites and databases are backed-up to third party servers (just in case…).


As well as having industry standard server monitoring systems in place, we have developed our own proprietary website monitoring system. This means that we are notified immediately of any server problem or website issue, and we will act quickly to resolve it.

Maintenance and updates

We maintain and update our servers regularly to ensure the latest software is installed, and any security or bugs within operating systems or software are patched quickly.

You’re in safe hands. Get in touch and let us help you.