Do You Take Backups of Our Data?

Yes, of course!

All servers are setup to take and store daily, weekly and monthly backup archives of all accounts. These are taken and stored on a separate hard drive in each server mounted only for the purpose of backups. This allows us to restore all configuration and all elements of accounts should the primary hard drive fail.

In addition to this primary backup system we also download all files and data to our servers at Amity Web Solutions on a nightly basis. We store data for each of the previous 7 days. This gives us and you the peace of mind of knowing there will always be a very recent copy of your data and files that can be restored if need be. This also allows us to recover any data that you may have accidentally lost for up to 7 days.

Having said this, all clients are always strongly advised to take their own regular backups from the cPanel and never rely on our backup process. The primary backup has never failed us but one can never be too careful when backups of important files are concerned. For more information on making your own backup please see How Can I Download My Own Backups?.

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