Instructions to Install an Android and iOS App for Testing

The following instructions are intended to guide a user to install an iOS and Android app onto their devices for testing purposes. The process uses HockeyApp, a platform to distribute apps for testing.



To install an app on an Android phone for testing, one has to receive the Android file as an attachment to an email address setup on the phone. The file will be a .apk file. 

Once the email is received, click on the attached .apk file to install it. 

Once a new version is available and sent by email, please first delete the installed app before installing the new version. 



We use an app called HockeyApp to distribute development iOS apps for testing. Once we add the relevant users email addresses into HockeyApp and the email sent to the user, please follow the following steps to register and install the app.

1) Once you receive an email from HockeyApp with a link to register the device, please click the link "Register your iOS device". You must use Safari to open the link.


2) Click the Install button on the web page you are taken to when you open the above link


3) You will be taken to the iPhone Profile Management Screen to Install the HockeyApp profile. Click Install, then once thats complete, click Done


4) You will be redirected to the HockeyApp just installed to register. You need to enter your name, email, company and a password for you to use in the HockeyApp


5) Once registered and signed in to HockeyApp, you can click Install to install it on your phone. 


6) Once you have installed HockeyApp, you will be redirected to the app with a message "Please Wait - The developer needs to add your device". Please inform Amity you have reached this stage. 


At this stage we will need to add the device into our HockeyApp account, so please wait until you receive an email informing you the app is ready to install. 

7) Once you receive the email informing you the app is available, click Download and Install - this will open up the HockeyApp 


8) Click the Beta link and then click Install

app_install_step8a.PNG app_install_step8b.PNG

The app should be installed for testing!

When new versions are released you will be notified as per step 7 above and can install new versions.

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