My Email Account Does Not Work

Firstly, check that the email account settings work

You can do this by logging into webmail at with your username and password. If this does not work, then please contact us.

If you have successfully logged into webmail, make sure you followed the setup instructions.

Make note of the following points when adding or editing your email settings:

  • If you copied and pasted the password, make sure a space was not copied, sometimes this can happen
  • Make sure your username is the full email address, sometimes Outlook tries to guess it and uses just your name which is wrong
  • Make sure "My outgoing (smtp)server requires authentication" is checked (note: this is not the field "Is Secure Password Authentication (SPA) required" - this should be unchecked).
  • Sometimes your internet service provider may block port 25 (the port to connect to on our server to send email). Try changing the outgoing port number to 26 and see if that helps.
  • It is possible your mailbox is full. Check your Sent and Trash/Bin items to make sure there is not a lot of emails in there (for POP accounts you may have a setting in Outlook to "Leave a copy of the message on the server" which will need to be unchecked/turned off otherwise the mailbox may fill up)

If it still does not work please make a note of the error and send it to us with your issue.

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