what we do

fast, reliable, secure, backed up websites

Whether your site is small or large, at Amity we understand that any discerning client would expect certain standards from their site, as a given. That’s why we build from the inside out and the outside in, with both your marketing and lead generation objectives, as well as the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience), firmly in mind.

This way, our sites meet your criteria as perfectly behind the scenes, as they do for the users visiting them.

Strategic formula

To ensure consistent and predictably performing sites for our clients we’ve developed our own formula for site success, which is founded in our experience gained over the many years we’ve been operating.

Amity UI UX Formula

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Our process



We meet and learn about your business, your purpose in creating visual content and set goals for the project. Create budget and timeline.



We hit the books, scour the internet, interview professionals and more to learn about the industry. We also learn as much as we can about your competitors. This way we can give you the best, most unique design solution possible.



We write and gather the copy, layout the website structure and create wireframes.



We sketch out ideas to create as many different concepts as possible, choosing the one that suit your needs the most.



We take our concepts and flesh them out. We draw out the visual layout and start to show you how it can look. You then provide us with your feedback and what you feel resonates best with your needs.



We make the necessary revisions based on your feedback. Keeping the project goals in mind, we develop the concept into a full-fledged set of designs. We follow up with you and get your approval.



During this phase, we will work on the design build and full website functionality including any dynamic processing for your website.



It will be a big day for us. You have tested the website and approved by the stakeholders so time to make live. Our go live checklist ensures a smooth launch. 



After launching, we will provide you with support to maintain and update your website, constantly monitor it and be alerted to issues.

Speed is of the essence. Business moves lightning fast and clumsy sites that aren’t up to speed are just one click away from being part of your audience’s browsing history. We’ll make sure that your site is built to load quickly and perform smoothly resulting in a comfortable user experience (UX).

Your site will be ‘built for Google’ by conforming with their speed optimisation scoring system and performing in the 90s/100s (for desktop). Website optimisation and caching are included as standard, as is image optimisation. We also use Google’s recommended Webp format via an image optimisation service specifically developed by us creating an efficient user interface (UI).

Any site can look impressive but sites that don’t functionally meet their intended purpose will be a source of frustration. Built for Google, your site will be fully optimised and SEO friendly; with your content, product or service being served to those you need to reach. Google Webmaster and Microsoft BING Webmaster accounts (with website sitemap submission) are included to ensure all your pages are indexed with search engines, plus Google Analytic setup is included, so you can view visitor statistics.

Great design is a science in itself, which can make the difference between a memorable or unsatisfactory user experience. We work with creative design teams who, using compelling design and flexible feature rich content layouts, can bring even the driest of topics to life – capturing and engaging an audience in a matter of seconds.

The information on your site may be initiated by you, or we can provide a writer to work with you to produce effective, engaging content and information architecture. Whether multilingual, e-commerce, business to business or business to customer, your site will be bespoke and will include up to 20 pages of content and images (as well as optional email facility). It will be built in WordPress because it is the leading content management system, and nominated staff members will be CMS trained, to manage all content and add new unlimited pages once the site is live.

From protecting customer information in line with GDPR, to virus protection and ensuring your data files are safe from corruption, you can rest in the knowledge that your site and all its contents are safe and secure. Your site will benefit from additional security measures to prevent hacking as well as a website security firewall. Every site we design and develop conforms to legal compliance requirements, including as standard: a cookie message popup, cookie policy, privacy policy, disclaimer and copyright notice.

There’s more to a website than meets the eye and yours will be just as impressive behind the scenes. We only use the fastest and most reliable servers with increased server security, which supply us with regular server updates. What’s more, website monitoring is scheduled to occur every 5 minutes to alert Amity in the unlikely event your site should go down, so we can get it back up quickly. Regarding hosting, your site may be hosted elsewhere but to be assured of the levels of reliability and security promised by us we would recommend arranging hosting through us.

Regular backups are crucial to ensuring your professional presence is maintained and not compromised. When designed and developed through Amity, your site will benefit from WordPress and plugin automated weekly updates to ensure your site’s security is in force and bugs are identified and fixed with reliable frequency. Additionally, your site will be backed up three times daily (with the hosting provider, AmazonS3/Rackspace and to our office server) for your complete peace of mind.

The interaction between us and you as equally as important before ‘Go Live’ as it is before it. Once your site is live, you will receive thirty minutes of support time per month as part of your package. This might be used by your staff when interacting with the CMS or backend of the site; or it could be used for essential ‘behind the scenes’ tweaks, updates and maintenance to keep your website performing at its best. Our social media accounts allow us to share ‘to-the-minute’ timeous news live as it happens, meaning you’ll always be kept up to speed with any developments relating to your site, the servers and the search engines it uses.