Adding Dynamic Joomla Modules and Content to Other Websites

Just after publishing my latest blog, Integrating Joomla and Zencart (Sort Of) Using CURL and Standalone Templates, I realised that this method can be used to show Joomla modules on just about any website that you can add code to. The blog is mainly about Zencart because that’s what I use it for, but I realised if you have any other website you can access the code for, then you can follow these instructions to add Joomla modules to your website.

So just to summarise my previous blog:

  1. Create your standalone modules in a  new template, so it could be your Latest News, Navigation, Newsflash, or even Joomla content pages.
  2. Assign the standalone module to a menu item and obtain that menu item URL
  3. Visit the URL in a browser just to test the standalone module displays on its own
  4. Add the CURL script to other websites where you want this module displayed
  5. Hey presto, Joomla modules or content displayed on other websites!