Dedicated Email Server Introduced

You have a website, and you have emails, we know that the two go hand in hand. However, they have different requirements from your server – your website needs speed but not necessarily space, whereas email takes up space but doesn’t particularly need speed.

Every time your computer receives an email, a virus scan is run to check that it’s clean. So, if you have a particularly busy inbox one day, the CPU (processing unit) and RAM (memory) usage on the server can be quite high scanning and checking all the emails which will, in turn, affect other services, most notably the speed of your website.

Therefore we have created a dedicated email server to host email accounts on. Any hosting accounts created will now have the website hosted on a web server, and the email accounts hosted on our email server.  You won’t feel a thing – your emails will appear just the same as before!

There are several benefits to hosting email elsewhere…

  • No more CPU and RAM used up by the spam and virus scanners on the web servers, so your website will regularly be faster and more reliable
  • If a server needs to temporarily pause (for example for maintenance) then only the website will be affected and emails will keep operating, or vice versa
  • The web server can be further fine tuned for web hosting functions to increase speed knowing email functions wont be affected
  • The email server can have more CPU and RAM dedicated to email processing, allowing us to fine tune the server for email functions

This new innovation is part of our web hosting service and our continued efforts to provide a better, faster and reliable web and email hosting service.