Hand made websites are better quality

It’s well known that the web design industry is crowded. A simple search of web design cardiff for example reveals many pages of web design companies, most I have never heard of. Some may argue it being a difficult industry to operate in being so saturated. But on closer inspection it becomes clear most of the companies provide template based websites. That is, a website built using a free or low cost design built by someone else. For customers on a very low budget (< £1000) a template website is a suitable solution to get online. They look good and are low cost. Unfortunately that’s where the benefits end. By the very nature of being low cost, the quality of templates are usually quite bad due to not complying to standards or accessibility guidelines (a legal requirement), have no thought for SEO and are over bloated with unnecessary code. 

That’s why we hand build all our websites at Amity Web Solutions. With years of experience we know a thing or two (a lot more actually 🙂 ) about web development and hand building our websites ensures they are of the highest quality build, conform to all standards and accessibility guidelines, are built with search engine optimisation in mind and load fast. In fact there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes when hand building to ensure our customers websites are of the highest quality.

Here are a few important reasons to hand build:

  1. More control over the code: All the code is developed by us ensuring we know exactly how it works, it only contains what is necessary to work, no unnecessary code wasting resources, and easily maintained and modified.
  2. Page speed optimised: we can ensure the code is optimised to download and run as fast as possible, an important factor in website rankings with Google
  3. User experience and Business Focused: the website design is created with the business and it’s web visitors in mind, not like a template design
  4. Search engine optimised: We know a lot about the requirements of search engine optimisations from a coding perspective, and build the sites with this in mind
  5. Standards compliant: We can ensure the code confirms to standards and accessibility guidelines, not only a legal requirement, but very important for users with disabilities to use our websites effectively
  6. Browser and device compatible: we can ensure the websites work across multiple devices, especially important with so many visitors using mobile devices to access websites.
  7. Progression and Maintenance: We can change and adapt our code easily to new technology, devices, browsers and further customer requirements because we know the code

Hand built websites result is a far superior quality website compared to using low cost or free templates. This is what sets us apart from the majority of web design companies in South Wales and why our customers choose us to design and develop their website.