How much does a website cost?

Every customer’s business and therefore their website requirements are different. Some customers want a simple 5 page brochure website with minimal, simple design, yet others have hundreds of pages, member registrations and logins, forums, social interaction, blogs and a lot more. The different requirements are infinite which is why we recommend customer meetings to discuss requirements so we can quote for that purpose. Nevertheless, we can explain various costs associated with website design and development and what to expect for each one. All our websites include a content manager.

£1,000+ Entry Level Websites

For this investment customers can expect an entry level website using a website template for the design tailored for the business branding and services. A content manager can be included but it is unlikely any of the recommended premium services such as search engine optimisation would be included. This service should only be suitable for customers with a low budget looking to have an online presence with the aim of investing in improving the website in the near future.

£3,000+ Premium Website Service

At this investment we can now begin to offer our premium website service. This is the minimum investment we recommend to ensure your website is designed and developed to the high standard required for return on investment. Our graphic designer, working close to the customer, will design a custom design suited for the business objectives and user experience, and the site built with search engine optimisation, page load speed, browser and device compatibility, standards and accessibility in mind and a lot more. Our 60+ point website checklist ensures the website is of a high standard.

At this point it is also worth considering mobile and tablet versions of the website. 

£5,000+ Premium Website with Custom Functionality/Web Applications

At this level we are able to build upon the premium website service and add custom functionality and applications to the website. Perhaps the website requires a database administration and front end search, or member registration and login with social interaction, or integrate with 3rd party systems, or have a large amount of information to publish and organise. The requirements are endless.

£10,000+ Large Scale Custom Website/Web Applications

This investment would suit customers requiring much more functional and complex web applications to suite their specific business requirements. Whether it be a bespoke database and reporting systems, a custom social network, a company intranet system, a large eCommerce project. Contact us if you would like to see some examples of our work.


Of course, your project, being specific to you, may not fit in any of the above ranges. Perhaps you want the Entry Level Website with a Member Registration and Login area. Perhaps you need the Premium Service with Mobile Website versions. Or the whole shebang of a Premium Website with eCommerce Shopping Carts, Database Systems and Mobile Website and Apps thrown in. In these situations we should get together and discuss your project so we can provide a quote specific to you.

So whatever you need feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

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