How to choose the right web design company

If you search “web design companies” on Google, you will get about 257,000 results in under a second, even if you search “web design Newport” in the UK, you’ll get about 272,000 in under a second. That’s a lot of choice. Almost anyone with some experience in designing websites can setup their own freelance web design company. Each web design company will differentiate themselves from their competitors; this could be anything from low-cost websites to bespoke applications. To someone who doesn’t have much knowledge of web design, a lot of the companies could feel all too similar.

Here are some key factors when choosing a web design company for your website:

Their Website

First things first, you will want to check out their website; how does it look? If their website is in need of serious makeover, then you might be a little wary of the service that they can provide. Similar indicators will come from looking at the functionality of the site: if you’re frequently encountering “404 error pages” and broken links, it implies they aren’t updating their site enough and let it fall into disrepair. If the company’s website is accessible and functions to the purpose of the website then it’s usually a good indication that they are a credible web design company.


A client portfolio allows designers to show off their previous work to the rest of the world. Portfolios can be a great insight into what a designer’s standard of work is like but it’s also a way to determine whether your website goals match their principles. If there are examples of within the portfolio that look rather similar to each other, they’ve more than likely used template themes which lack customisation. Within the portfolio section, you can usually read the case study of each example; this feature on their website should give you a rough indication if they are suitable for your project.


When it comes to choosing a web design company, it’s always a good thing to check how long they have been operating for. Usually if they’ve done business for over five years, they are an established business and have worked with a variety of clients. If you were to hire a web design company who are relatively new, there’s quite a risk whether they can meet your customer needs, plus you aren’t able to see much of their previous work and feedback from previous clients.


Good communication between the web design company and yourself is essential, as you will want your new website to match your business objectives, brand identity and company values. Having regular discussions with them can make a positive impact on how the website is designed to your preferences. Your involvement is essential to ensure your website aligns with your requirements.

Social media presence

Businesses who regularly use social media to promote their products, inform customers and create engaging content have seen astounding results; a study found out that 90% of businesses saw an increase in exposure and over half saw an increase in sales via social media. If the web design company doesn’t have any social media platforms for you to be able to communicate with them, then it’s unlikely that you can referrals and reviews from people you know and trust, that’s why it’s a great tool to see what their customers say about them.


Ever purchased an online service before but didn’t receive any additional support? When buying a website, you’d expect to receive support from the web design company so that the transition of maintaining it should run smoothly. This sometimes isn’t the case and customers find that once they sign off on the project, communication can be limited. We like to go the extra mile so when your website goes live, our web developers will still be available to address any issues/queries that you may face and ensure that you’re fully satisfied with your website.

Don’t compromise quality

A lot of web design companies say that they can offer a ‘one size fits all’ website; these websites are low-priced so they don’t really offer you much than a template design. The saying “you get what you pay for” is usually applicable with web design. If you’re after a professional, user-friendly website that is unique and has longevity then you should expect to invest in a quality website. You shouldn’t compromise quality over your budget if you reflect how you want to be perceived by your customers and competitors. For example, if you offer high quality products then your website should be of that same high-quality. It’s all about enhancing the user experience for the customer so that you can retain them and not lose them to your competition.

How are projects managed?

How your project is managed is a way you can identify whether that web design company is suited to your particular needs. It’s likely if the web design company consists of a small team, then they will be able to dedicate more time for your project which could mean less communication barriers between yourself and the web design company.


We hope after you’ve read our blog, you’ll find it much easier to choose a web design company that is a perfect fit for your business. You’ve just got to think about the project itself; can the web design company achieve what you planned? As the customer. you should be vocal in what exactly you want from your website and it’s features; but also be clear about the primary purpose of the website.

We believe that we can accommodate your web specifications and together build a beautiful website, which you can be proud of. If you’re still undecided about how to choose the right web design company for your business, feel free to give us a call on 029 2088 6582 or email us and we’d happy discuss any of your website queries.