How to: RSS Feeds of Your Interspire Email Marketer Newsletters

RSS Feeds are a very useful and powerful feature that allow your content to be listed on other websites, Twitter, RSS Readers and a lot more, so people can obtain instant up to date new content from you without having to visit your website all the time. So why not export your Interspire Email Marketer Newsletters in the same way? This way even people who do not subscribe to your newsletter will be updated. This blog describes how to export the newsletters as RSS Feeds, its actually very easy.

If you are not familiar with RSS Feeds, read my blog here on the benefits of exporting content as RSS Feeds. I also talk about the benefits of Email Marketing here. I use an industry leading newsletter system for my newsletters.

How Do I Export My Newsletters as RSS Feeds?

  1. Login to your newsletter system
  2. Go to Contact Lists -> View Contact Lists
  3. On the right hand side of your Lists, in the column Archive, you will see the RSS icon
  4. Click the icon to be taken to the RSS Feed of newsletters sent to that list

That’s it!

Note: A little word about the RSS Feed from Interspire Email Marketer… it does not provide the correct format for RSS Feeds so you may get errors when using the default system. You will first need to fix this rss.php file. I have posted a fixed file on the Interspire forum (my version is 5.7.4, I have not tested on older versions), but it also available below. This needs to go into the root directory for your newsletter tool. Interspire stated they will release this with the next version of Email Marketer.

So What Can I Do With My RSS Feed?

Here are some ideas you can use to spread your newsletters to non-subscribers:-

  • Use TwitterFeed to update Twitter, Facebook and others when a newsletter is sent
  • Submit your RSS Feed to online feed websites so other people online may find it
  • Add a “Subscribe” link on your website, blog, email footers and other website profiles to encourage people to sign up
  • Ask other peoples to display your feeds on their website

Hopefully this will increase your target audience when you send out new newsletters.

Here is an updated rss.php file:-