ICANN Suspending Unverified Domain Names

ICANN is responsible for managing domain names and their addresses globally and recently they have imposed quite a controversial requirement which is resulting in many websites going down. ICANN state all ICANN accredited registrars are now required to validate a registrant’s contact details. If the domain owner does not validate it within 15 days of receiving the notice, then ICANN will suspend the domain resulting in all email accounts and websites for that domain going down. Yes, I did say it was controversial!

The list of top level domains affected can be found here. Amity customers will generally be .com, .net, .org and .biz. 

Most domain owners would have received an email explaining this and the process to verify, so if the process was followed the domain should be OK. But many domain owners do not have access to the email address they registered the domain on, or may have ignored the email due to not understanding it or considering it a scam, and so have not verified the domain. In this case the domain names are being suspended.

We are alerted to this issue by our website monitoring system, so we can immediately inform the customers who manage their own domains that they need to verify their domains, but nevertheless the best approach is to check and verify your domain contact details before it goes down. 

So if you manage a .com, .net or other ICANN domain name, make sure you have verified the domain, and the domain contact email is up to date for future notifications. 

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