Installing Tweetdeck and AdobeAir on 64bit Ubuntu 9.04

Here is an overview on how to install Tweetdeck and AdobeAir on 64bit Ubuntu. There are a few sites with instruction but none of them worked in total, so have spent a few hours combining them together which worked for me. You will need Flash Player 10 installed, a link is provided for this if you don’t have it.

 Install Adobe Air

This website shows the main process I followed, BUT the link to the getlibs-all on the boundlesssupremacy site is not working. So follow this process to obtain getlibs-all and install AdobeAir:-

1. Download getlibs-all.deb (Update 8th June 2012: this site seems to be down)

2. Install AdobeAir


Click here

Note: no need to download getlibs-all from boundlesssupremacy which is not working, you have downloaded it above.

Installing Tweetdeck

Now this may be enough for you to download Tweetdeck from But I had a further issue, which I can see is quite common, in that the Download button did not work!

So if this is the same for you, download Tweetdeck from the Adobe Marketplace here:

Note: If you need install Flash Player to download it, follow the next steps.

Installing Flash Player

My last issue was that to download from Adobe Marketplace you need Flash Player installed in Ubuntu. Here is the process that worked for me:-

Hope that helps! Linux can be real pain to configure and install software for non-techies. It’s no wonder Microsoft Windows is still the leader with issues like this.