Interspire Email Marketer and Joomla AEC Subscription Manager Integration

26th August, 2009 in Design/Development 2 Comments

We’ve finished developing an integration between the popular AEC Subscription Manager for the Joomla content management system and the cutting edge Interspire Email Marketer. Using AEC’s Micro Integrations we have developed the process for when a user joins a subscription plan they are added to a contact list of choice and when they expire are removed from the contact list. With this integration it now means one of the most popular and feature rich newsletter systems can be used in a fully automated way with the leading Joomla content management system’s AEC Subscription component.


Advantages of Integrating Joomla AEC Subscription Manager With Interspire Email Marketer

  • Fully Automated, users are subscribed and unsubscribed in line with subscription plans
  • Eliminates the need to manually transfer contact data everytime a newsletter is to be sent
  • The more powerful and feature rich Interspire Email Marketing newsletter system can be used over the less functional Joomla newsletter components.

The system is designed for bespoke integration for specific customer needs and not “plug and play” so contact us if you would like to find out more.

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Mike Lewis 2nd January, 2012 at 18:08 pm

Sounds good. I have always used Omnistar Mailer for my email marketing software, they have as many features and it is priced better. It is also open source, have you thought about integrating with them? They are becoming the email marketing software used by most designers now from what I am reading in forums because of there features and price.

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Laurence Cope 2nd January, 2012 at 18:09 pm

@mike I tried Omnistar the other day after it was posted on another blog I wrote. I do not think it is as good as Interspire Email Marketer yet. If people are using it I think its due to lower cost which is of course a benefit, but in my opinion IEM is worth paying the extra for because I think its a much better system. I think one of the biggest advantages of IEM is its interface, it just looks like a better built system than Omnistar. Omnistar looks much better than many others I have used, but still gives me the feeling of “basic” design which makes me think its less quality. Although it does look like it has the necessary features needed like IEM. It terms of integration… does it have an API? This of course is a huge advantage to integrate with other systems. Once an alternate system to IEM is available at lower cost then I would be very interested in using that because IEM is expensive. But at the moment I dont think there is.

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