Is your website fast enough?

There are two factors relating to website page speed…

1) Page Speed Optimisation

Page Speed Optimisation is factor Google takes in to account for website rankings. There are various aspects of a website Google will look at to see if it has been optimised, such as whether images have been optimised and coding is compressed to download quicker.

It’s been a while since Google introduced this check yet so many websites, even by leading web design companies, have not implemented many of Google suggestions to optimise the website for page speed.

We are very proud to say that all our premium websites are optimised for Google Page Speed. Page speed optimisation is part of our 60+ points website checklist for premium websites. We spend time optimising the code to ensure it passes Googles test with flying colours. We recommend websites should have above 90/100 Google Page Speed Score. On average we can achieve 93/100 to 95/100 which is far higher than many of our competitors page speed score.

2) Website page load time.

The physical time it takes to load a web page and is crucial to retain visitors. Just a few seconds or more could result in the visitor leaving and going elsewhere.

The webpage load time is separate to Google’s Page Speed Optimisation. A webpage could have a very good Google Page Speed Optimisation but still take time to load, perhaps due to the number of images on the page.

As part of our premium service we also try to achieve a lower than 1 second home page load time.