Joomla Tutorial – Creating a Custom Page Title (Title Tag) to Improve SEO

In a previous blog I mentioned that your page title (Browser Title or Title Tag) is one of the most important aspects to rank your website for keyword searches. For example, “About Amity Web Solutions, Web Design in Caerphilly” is better than “About Us” because it not only shows the search engine reader the company name but additional keywords which is important for ranking (see previous blog about 10 basic search optimisation techniques to improve your website rankings).

The problem with Joomla 1.5 is the form to set this title different to what the actual page is called is hidden away in the depths of the Menu Manager, and not in the page editor itself. This blog gives an overview of how to set the page title different to the page name in Joomla 1.5.


  1. Choose the menu item that the page is linked to by going to Menu -> Your Menu
  2. Click on the Menu name to edit it
  3. On the right hand side of the page, choose the tab “Parameters (System)”
  4. In the drop down you will see “Page Title”
  5. Enter your custom page title here
  6. If you do not want this page title showing on the page (which you probably wont because you would want the actual page name to be displayed), choose No for “Show Page Title”
  7. Click Save or Apply

Your page Browser Title should now show the custom title you have entered with your chosen keywords.

Remember to use important keywords and location based keywords in the title. Read the blog 10 basic search optimisation techniques to improve your website rankings to find out more about using keywords and other techniques to use.

Hope that helps.