Mac Documents Folder Clutter Fix

For some reason Apple and App developers, one or the other or both, decided to dump a tonne of software data files and folders into what should be your nicely organised, personal documents folder. If you like to be organised like me this probably annoys you some. I mean, how are we supposed to easily find our own personal folders amongst all this unnecessary clutter.
To solve this I have abandoned the Documents folder all together. Here is my solution…

  1. Create a new folder the same level as Documents. Call it what you want, mine is called My Documents.
  2. Move all your personal folders into it
  3. Hide the Documents folder (see below for command)
  4. Remove the Documents folder from the sidebar
  5. Add your new documents folder to the sidebar

Yo can even copy the main Documents folder icon to use on your own folder (but not the sidebar icon).
To hide a file or folder there are a few low cost apps available but I like to keep it simple and use he command line:-
cd ~
/Developer/Tools/setfile -a V Documents