Make sure your website works for everyone

With so many different computers, mobile devices and browsers being used to access websites it’s clear that websites need to be designed for a lot more than just Internet Explorer these days. We have to consider the different versions of Internet Explorer (7, 8, 9 and soon 10), Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera, how these look on a Windows, Mac OSX and Linux computers, and then on different devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Android Phones and Tablets, and Blackberry Smartphones.

Of course, ensuring websites comply to standards help, but not all browsers conform to standards so we do need to test and adapt websites to work across all these browsers and devices.

Our premium website service has a 60+ point checklist we go through to ensure it is of the highest quality and includes checking and optimising websites for various browsers and devices, ensuring it not only looks good, but works, for every visitor to the websites we build.