New Website Monitoring System Developed by Amity

We are very pleased to announce that we’ve improved our web hosting services yet again by developing our own bespoke, self hosted website monitoring system that monitors all of our hosted websites every few minutes and alerts us when a website is down so that we can investigate the issue right away.

The problem with third party monitoring systems is the escalating cost as more and more domains are monitored. Therefore many web developers will only choose a select few (if any!) websites to monitor which sometimes means that a website could be down for hours or days before someone notices.

We do, of course, already use third party website monitoring systems (Pingdom, CopperEgg, Nodeping), but as we have over 500 domains to monitor at Amity, the cost is significant and we can’t use it for every website. However, with our new in-house developed monitoring system, we can monitor ALL domains at no additional cost to customers. We then use third party monitoring systems to monitor our monitoring system!

Although website issues with Amity are rare, as with anyone else they can happen, and we would prefer to know about it immediately rather than hours later from someone else. So whether the domain has expired, the DNS incorrectly configured, DNS outages or there’s a problem on the website itself, we can be notified within a few minutes and investigate the issue and fix it straight away.

Combined with our other web hosting services it means our customers’ websites’ uptime is even greater now if hosted with Amity.

All websites will be monitored every 15 minutes, premium hosted sites will be monitored every single minute of every day (along with all the other benefits of premium hosting) – if you host your website with Amity, we’ll know if there’s a problem before you do!