New Website Released for Amity Web Solutions

We’ve released a new website today to replace what we considered an old and outdated design. Our old site was not actually that old, nearly 2 years, but in web years that must be getting on quite a bit! Having a new website every year or two, or at least a major revamp, is always a good idea to ensure your business on the web keeps up with the times and utilises the latest technology, search engine recommendations and user experience and expectation changes.

We wanted the new site to follow some design principles of Web 2.0 to represent some of the capabilities of websites we can develop and recommend, especially the following:-

  • Social network links
  • JQuery animation
  • Larger and clearer heading font
  • Bold text introductions
  • Larger and clearer buttons
  • Content from our blog, newsletters and twitter
  • Simplicity in design
  • Separate sections/coloured areas
  • Simple navigation
  • Stronger use of colours

We think the new site is a lot more modern and represents the area of web design and development a lore more. We hope you like it and welcome any comments.