Our premium website service explained

Our passion is to build websites of the highest quality for our customer. We live and breathe web design and development, keeping up with latest news and technology and how it can and should be applied to web development to ensure our websites are not only up to date and modern, but of the highest quality.

To achieve this we have developed a 60+ point checklist we use to ensure all our premium websites confirm to what we consider necessary requirements for a high quality website.

The main areas we focus on as part of our premium website service are:-

  1. Hand Coded: We build all our premium websites by hand, allowing more control over the code ensuring we know exactly how it works, it only contains what is necessary to work, no unnecessary code wasting resources, and easily maintained and modified.
  2. Page Speed Optimised: we can ensure the code is optimised to download and run as fast as possible, an important factor in website rankings with Google
  3. Bespoke Website Design: to ensure User Experience and the business objectives are incorporated into the design
  4. Search engine optimised: We know a lot about the requirements of search engine optimisations from a coding perspective, and build the sites with this in mind
  5. Standards Compliant: We can ensure the code confirms to standards and accessibility guidelines, not only a legal requirement, but very important for users with disabilities to use our websites effectively
  6. Browser and Device compatible: we can ensure the websites work across multiple devices, especially important with so many visitors using mobile devices to access websites.
  7. Progression and Maintenance: We can change and adapt our code easily to new technology, devices, browsers and further customer requirements because we know the code
  8. A lot more: Our detailed Website Checklist has over 60+ points we consider necessary for a website to be high quality, and we ensure the website conforms to all of them.