Our Website Audit and Report Service

As part of our premium website service we have a detailed 60+ website checklist to conform to that ensures our websites are just that… premium. It ensures our websites are of the highest standard and therefore perform as best as they can for our customers.

We can now offer the website audit and detailed report to feedback positive and negative aspects of any website in order to highlight areas that need improvement.

If you would like to obtain a sample report or order one of the audit services below, please contact us

Basic Report (£70 + vat)

  • Layout and Design (user friendly, print friendly, optimised for most common browsers, and more)
  • Content (relevant and legal content, 404, sitemap, easy navigation, broken links, spell checked, and more)
  • User experience (navigation easy to use, colours, search facility, and more)
  • Social Networking (social networking integration and support)

Standard Report (£140 + vat)

  • All points in Basic Report
  • Search Engine Optimisation (META Tags, friendly/keyword URLs, Google Analytics, and more)
  • Website Speed (Google page speed test, optimised images check, optimised code, and more)

Advanced Report (£210 + vat)

  • All points in Basic Report
  • All Points in Standard Report
  • Accessibility & Standards (W3C compliance, and more)
  • Compatibility (cross browser and device support)
  • Security and Privacy (Admin URL check, latest CMS check, server check, and more)