Setup Email Auto Responders to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

Autoresponders are an effective and powerful method of automatically sending email newsletters regularly to subscribers to your newsletter system without you doing anything apart from pre-writing the newsletters in the first place. The regular emailing ensures your products and services are communicated to subscribers automatically over a time period with the intention of increasing enquiries and sales.This blog explains what Autoreponders are.

What is An Autoresponder?

An auto-responder is an email sent to a subscriber who signs up to your list after a certain time period. For example, one day, one week or one month after a user subscribes, a pre-created email can be sent to them automatically. You should be able to create unlimited auto responders to be sent at different time periods thus allowing you to create a fully automated regular mailing to subscribers without doing a thing. Example usages could be as follows, each one providing an incentive for people to sign up to your contact list:-

What Are The Benefits of Sending Autoresponders?

First, they will be a series of automated emails sent out to new subscribers at specified intervals which ensures you keep in regular communication automatically therefore saving you a lot of time.

Secondly, your emails should not only give away useful information the reader will be interested in (see below for ideas) but include links to your own website, products and services that they could benefit from.

The intention is via the automated emails you are potential selling your products and services over the auto responder time period.

The combination of both the above means subscribers will regularly receive interesting newsletters from you, with information or links to your products and services (which hopefully have done a good job in selling in the email), resulting in increased enquiries and sales throughout the autoresponder period, without you having to manually send anything. It’s an effective and automated marketing strategy via email.

What Autoresponders Could I Create?

It depends on your business products and services and what information you want to give away in order to increase your subscribers, but here are a few ideas to get you started:-

  1. Online e-Courses, Lessons or Guides: Offer a series of courses or lessons about your products or services with brief course sent per day or per week. For example “Sign Up to Our 10 Step Email Guide to Utilising Our Product Effectively”
  2. Monthly Hints & Tips: Pre-create 12 newsletters about hints and tips associated with your products or services and send one every month after a user signs up for a year.
  3. Previous Newsletters, if applicable: Perhaps you have written many newsletters in the past which would still be relevant. Create them as auto responders so new sign ups receive them and don’t miss out.

What Next? How Can I Send Autoresponders?

You will need an effective Newsletter system that allows subscribers to sign up to your newsletters which sends autoresponders to these new subscribers.

See this blog for more information on Newsletter Systems or contact us for more information:
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