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3rd March, 2014 in Hosting 2 Comments

Did you know that when somebody visits your website, you have (according to recent speed tests performed by Kissmetrics) approximately 1 second to show them something they’re interested in before their attention begins to waiver and they go to another site…    This is what they actually said:

• "40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load”
• “a 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions”

It is therefore hugely important that businesses have fast, websites, and they must also be reliable, secure and backed up! It ensures website visitors can use the site easily and are not frustrated with slow website load times. You’ve seen it -  amazing websites that have high investment being hosted on slow budget servers with frequent downtime, so you just don’t wait to see it, however fab it might be.

At Amity we therefore strive to provide the best hosting solution for our customers, with four key points in mind:

• Fast
• Reliable
• Secure
• Backed up

Fast is a favourite benefit of ours, it’s an immediate and noticeable effect and makes browsing websites a pleasure. More importantly, as we pointed out above, it reduces website bounce rates (that’s your visitor disappearing off elsewhere!)

Confident that we provide fast websites, we performed a comparison test of our own website against 15 leading South Wales design agencies. We decided to take the top 5 web design companies listed in Google for “web design caerphilly", “web design cardiff” and “web design newport”. Using our favourite website speed comparison site 'Which Loads Faster' we were able to run 10 speed tests per site to obtain an average.

We are very pleased to list the results…

WebsiteAverage Speed (10 Runs)Town msCaerphilly msNewport msCaerphilly msCaerphilly msCaerphilly ms Newport ms Cardiff msCaerphilly msNewport msNewport msCardiff msNewport msCardiff msCaerphilly msCardiff msCardiff


Could Amity Web Solutions be the fastest web design website in South Wales? Oh yes…

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Laurence Cope 23rd May, 2014 at 11:05 am

Another interesting article showing the important of website speed

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Laurence Cope 27th December, 2014 at 23:33 pm

We've now installed and configured an even faster server for premium customers. The Amity site is already hosted on it, and we have seen on average a twice as fast response on the Amity website on the new server compared to the old. We will be moving our premium customers to it.

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