Speed Up Blog Posts – Use Windows Software to Post to Your Blog

I am always trying to find ways to streamline and speed up my work activities. Blogging using WordPress is something that I find a little tedious, especially if I have images to add. Going through the image uploading and inserting process is counterproductive.

So I was quite excited when I discovered Windows software you can install on your PC to write your blog in, then upload the blog to WordPress (or other blogs) including images.

I am first trialling Live Writer (just because Microsoft do make pretty applications that work). With all the text and image formatting I can control I think I may be converted. I also use Evernote as my note taking application for blog ideas, so now I can copy and paste my notes, including images (perhaps using Evernotes screen clipping tools), from Evernote into Windows Live Writer (or other blog clients) which then submits the post to WordPress. This should speed up my blogging process quite a bit. This is my first attempt, so let’s see how it goes.

Other blog clients are listed on the WordPress site here:

Other blog systems can also be posted to from the software, not just WordPress.


The above WordPress page lists the following advantages:-

  • The ability to write posts without having to go on-line
  • The ability to save drafts
  • A nicer interface
  • Fancy formatting features
  • Features like cross-posting to multiple blogs
  • Faster uploading and addition of photos
  • The ability to keep local backup


At the moment the only thing I am missing is either the Windows clients having more of a note taking feature to them, including screen clipping tool so I can abandon Evernote, or I wish Evernote could export to WordPress. In the meantime we have to use two applications for this process.