Where are the portable digital note taking tablets?

Am currently using an iPad with Penultimate note taking app, and using a Just Mobile Alupen stylus. I can see what I write and sketch, erase, colour and more. When finished I email it to

Evernote. It’s fantastic. Almost. The problem is the iPad capacitive screen means it’s no good for pointy stylus, it needs a big fat finger like stylus. So it’s not very accurate when it comes to writing.

Alternatives are digital pens and notebooks, but they don’t have the advantages of a visible, editable screen, with undo and erase, colour etc. Nor do they email.

Wacom tablets and the like connect to a computer and your monitor is the screen. So not portable.

So in this tablet day and age, where is the perfect digital note taking solution? Why do we not have an accurate digital note taking device?

If anyone has some suggestions please let me know!