WordPress Themed Websites VS Bespoke Websites

Websites are a great way for your business to gain a competitive edge, as they allow you to express what your business involves through a variety of pages, images and unique selling points.

If you’re a new business and you want to reach new customers and build an online presence then it will certainly benefit you having a website.

You may already have had a website for a long period of time but feel like it needs updating, then this guide will show you which design is best for you.

WordPress Themed Websites

Did you know that WordPress powers more than 24% of the web?

WordPress built websites are simply template-designed sites that have excellent functionality, flexibility and style along with an easy-to-use content management system.

So what makes WordPress so impressive?

Ease of use

It is rather simple to use for starters, thanks to a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to add images, pages, blog posts to your site. You won’t have to spend a lot of time formatting as WordPress already does that for you.

Whether you’re updating information about a product or uploading images to your site; you can manage any changes with other users so they can edit them if they need too.

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When it comes to adding content, you have to consider how are people going to find it online, if they aren’t familiar with your website?

The answer is SEO (search engine optimisation), more specifically on-site optimisation. A great feature with WordPress is it has a lot of plugins available for your site; Yoast SEO is one of them. This plugin shows you exactly what you need to have a fully optimised page, e.g. longer Meta descriptions, alt images and so forth.

Plugins to cater your business needs

Plugins are essentially a piece of software which can be added to your website, WordPress has so many plugins available that there’s something for everyone.

These include simple but effective plugins such as contact forms (obtain customer information), social plugins; so that you can share your content across social media platforms.

Want to set up an ecommerce store through your site? WooCommerce is the plugin which allows you to sell anything online globally.

Bespoke Websites

Bespoke websites are exactly what you think they are, bespoke and tailored to your business.

If you truly want to stand out from your competition online, then it’s definitely a way to do so.

Here are benefits of having a bespoke website:

Built specifically for your business

When you use a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, you are fundamentally using predesigned templates which lots of other websites are using; this could mean your site may end up looking rather similar to your competition.

This however isn’t the case with bespoke websites, as they are developed and designed specifically with your business in mind.

Whether this is to have your business processes automated or a booking system integrated within your site; bespoke websites are tailored to the business, so no matter what you want your site to look like, it will be unique including the back end of the website.


When you have a bespoke website, you won’t have to change the site over time as often as you would with template-designed website.

Why, you ask? Because bespoke websites are built around your brand, therefore unlike template-designed sites, your site will be future-proof and extremely relevant for a long time.

Responsive for all devices

Bespoke websites are hand-coded which also means that they are responsive on all devices; this is extremely beneficial these days as the number of mobile of users is increasing yearly.

Google has stated that a definitive factor when ranking a website is if it’s designed responsively; therefore when you have bespoke site, it can really help with your rankings when users input keywords on search engines.

If you want to find out more about these types of websites, read our archive blog why bespoke websites are awesome for your business.


Both WordPress themed and bespoke sites have their benefits, this includes:

  • A fast and user-friendly website
  • SEO-friendly
  • Easy-to-use content management system
  • Plugins or features tailored to your site.

We offer responsive and super-fast bespoke websites that are hand built to the highest quality. We specialise in bespoke websites designed specifically to meet your customer and business needs and we would love to build your next website, to help you reach your online potential. We also offer WordPress designed websites too.

For more info, email us  or give us a ring on 029 2088 6582 and we can discuss any bespoke projects with you.