Google Apps – Free Online Email, Calendar and Documents

Google Apps (or Google Products) is a collection of free, browser based, online tools from Google that can dramatically improve your productivity and save costs by replacing commercial systems like Microsoft Outlook. A list of all the free products Google provide can be found at To access all these tools all you need is a free Google account.

I have written a small series of blogs aimed at describing three of the most common Google products for business users:-

  1. Google Mail (GMail)
  2. Google Documents
  3. Google Calendar

Note: Although commonly referred to as Google Apps, Google Apps is in fact the above products commercially available for those wanting to access them through their own domain name, and increase storage space. The above products are in fact just “Google products” that are accessed through a free Google Account. I do not want to use the term Google products though as this may conflict with the Google Products Search via the Shopping link! So I refer to them as Google Apps.