Google Calendar – Organise and Synchronise Your Schedule Online

Part 3 of my Google Apps Blog Series describes what Google Calendar is and the benefit of using it over conventional calendar applications like Microsoft Outlook.

What is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is a free calendar system available through your browser.  The Calendar can be accessed, saved, shared and edited all through your browser therefore providing a quick and convenient way to access your schedule anywhere at any time.

Why Should I Use Google Calendar?

Here is a list of advantages of using Google Documents:-

  • Free – its a free service so you do not need to pay for expensive licenses
  • Browser Based – you can access the applications through a browser so your documents are available anywhere at any time
  • No Software Installation – the calendar system is dynamically run on Google Servers and fed through your browser, so no need to install software
  • Standard Calendar Functions – You still get all your usual calendar functions such as reminders, recurring appointments and more..
  • Reminders – Pop Up and Email reminders can be sent to remind you of your appointments
  • Synchronisation – One of the most useful features for me… the ability to synchronise your calendar with other applications such as Microsoft Outlook and mobile phones like the iPhone. Using my iPhone I can view my appointments and even create appointments on the go which then are added to my main Google Calendar. My iPhone can then remind me of upcoming appointments with pop ups and sound whilst I am away from my computer.
  • Multiple Calendars – You can create multiple calendars for different things like Projects, or Personal
  • Share and Collaborate – You can share calendar access (Read and/or Write) with other people to create better collaboration for team meetings and project schedules.

How Do I Get Google Calendar?

Sign up for a Google Account and Calendar at

Are There Any Alternatives?

Yes, the following are common calendar applications you can use instead:-

More Information

Read more information from Google at