Web Hosting Costs

The demands of websites vary according to their functionality and the number of visitors. Therefore we offer several types of hosting plans depending on the website and customer requirements in question.

Server Speed Customers / Server Suitable For* Min. Cost pm**
Shared Server
(Standard Hosting)
Average 100 Brochure Sites
Low Traffic/Database Use
On Host Backup
Shared Server
(Premium Hosting)
Fast 10 Bespoke Sites/Web Apps/eCommerce
with Low/Medium Traffic/Database Use
PCI Compliance
On and Off Host Backup
Own Dedicated Cloud/VPS
(Premium Hosting)
Faster 1 Bespoke Sites/Web Apps/eCommerce
with Medium Traffic/Database Use
PCI Compliance
On and Off Host Backup
Own Dedicated Server
(Premium Hosting Plus)
Fastest 1 Bespoke Sites/Web Apps/eCommerce
with High Traffic/Database Use
PCI Compliance
On and Off Host Backup
Load Balancer*** NA NA Bespoke Sites/Web Apps/eCommerce
with High Traffic/Database Use
+ £cost x 1.5

* Every site and customer requirements are different, so this is just a guide. We are happy to discuss your website and provide a solution appropriate to your needs.
** Payable annually/bi-annually/quarterly. All prices subject to VAT.
*** A Load Balancer will ensure an increased demand for your website is distributed over another server and ensure uptime in the rare occasion the one server is not available. Not available on the Standard Shared Dedicated hosting.

Services Included

Or website hosting and support service is uses a high standard of reliable and fast servers from leading data centre providers, and offers the following advantages:-

  • 3 x Daily Backups – 1st with hosting company, 2nd with Amazon S3, 3rd to our office here
  • Increased Security – We block access to common server ports and control panels except from approved IP addresses
  • Fast and reliable – Our hosting providers are a very high standard service provider, we do not use budget companies like a lot of others! All hosted customers will be speed tested and optimised to make sure they are fast.
  • Super Fast Website* – Our premium hosted customers will have additional work performed that will result in a blazingly fast website. See our speed comparison test to get an idea of how fast it could be.
  • Regular Server Updates – we frequently apply security, bug and general updates released by the operating system vendors, ensuring the server is always up to date. We use stable operating systems.
  • Server monitoring – resource usage on the servers are monitored with alerts when they go over threshold, allowing us to be proactive not reactive
  • Website monitoring – uptime monitoring of websites with alerts when they are down or slow response times. See our blog about our new monitoring system.
  • Scalable/Cloud VPSs so we can increase resources like RAM if need be
  • Support – We provide excellent, friendly and fast support to our customers on all aspects of the website, content management system and email accounts
  • Email Accounts – We can supply up to 10 email accounts as part of the shared server hosting services. Additional email accounts will require a dedicated hosting service or additional fees
  • 30 minutes of development, maintenance & support time included per month
  • Additional hosting services* can be added like load balancing

* Premium hosting only, excludes standard hosting

Which One is Right For Me?

It is difficult to know for sure, as it will depend on a combination of the website functionality (how many resources it uses such, as the database), the number of visitors and your own personal requirements or wants. The one rule is the better the server, the faster the site.

We recently performed some tests comparing the speeds of various servers, you can read more about it here. In summary, one of our standard shared hosting servers would provide typical speeds expected for a brochure website due to using shared resources, our vps or cloud servers would be mid-range and faster than our shared server, but the fastest would be a dedicated server.

If you have an eCommerce site then PCI compliance should be important to you, and therefore we recommend a cloud or dedicated hosting solution. You can read more about PCI Compliance here.