Website Legal Requirements 5 – Electronic Commerce Regulations (EC Directive)

The fifth of my Website Legal Requirements blog series, explains how the Electronic Commerce Regulations (EC Directive) affects your E-Commerce website and what you should do in order to comply.


The EU Ecommerce Directive is a policy for online service providers to ensure that customers can easily and quickly contact the service provider.

How Does This Affect My Website?

The following information must be shown on your website:

  • You should display the name of your business.
  • We recommend you display your company registration number or proprietor’s name (as you would in a letter).
  • You should show your geographic address (street number etc, not just a PO box).
  • You should show your contact information such as phone number and email address.
  • You should show your VAT number if you are VAT registered.
  • Refer to trade or professional recognition schemes, with registration number, if applicable.
  • Provide clear information on price, tax and delivery.
  • Show clear Terms and Conditions and acknowledge orders.

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