So that your site consistently performs well, we stay up to date with the latest trends in the web development industry. When we feel that developments might be of relevance to our client, we post them here on our blog. What’s more you can also check our social media accounts for the latest notifications and updates.

Amity Have Expanded to a New Office in Caerphilly Business Park

Amity's Web Design in Caerphilly has expanded into a new office with more space, allowing us to offer more web and design related services.

Amity Servers are patched for the GHOST vulnerability

The GHOST vulnerability, which exploits a weakness in a Linux package called glibc, has been slimed. Amity servers have been eradicated of GHOST.

Amity servers are safe after patching servers for the POODLE bug

A new security threat to web servers worldwide has recently been discovered. It's called POODLE and is a security flaw in SSLv3 commonly used to secure encryption between users computers and websites...

Amity servers are safe after patching servers for Shellshock bug

A new major security threat to web servers worldwide has recently been discovered. It's called Shellshock and is a security flaw in Bash, the common shell script used in millions of Linux and Mac...

ICANN Suspending Unverified Domain Names

ICANN, the company responsible for managing domain names and their addresses globally, have recently imposed a controversial requirement which is resulting in many websites going down.

Want to join the team?

We are looking for a graduate to join our team as a Sales and Marketing Executive....

Speed Test Comparison with Budget Hosting Provider

A customer recently moved hosting to a budget hosting company, so we took the opportunity to do a speed test before and after

Better Website Uptime with Amity’s Managed DNS Backup Service

Have you considered what would happen if the server hosting your domain name went down or had a network issue? Anyone looking for your website would get the dreaded 'page not found' message. Read...

Amity takes backup two steps further

Backup, backup, backup! We always hear about it and we all know the importance of it. But did you know that Amity goes further than most other companies to provide additional levels of backup to...

Amity’s secure web servers

So, you've heard of the Heartbleed bug and now you want to know what to do about it? Read on to find out more, and to see what Amity is doing to help our own customers out...