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VirtualBox faster than Parallels

Am finding the FREE VirtualBox for Mac MUCH faster to run Windows 7 than Parallels Desktop 5.

Mac Documents Folder Clutter Fix

For some reason Apple and App developers, one or the other or both, decided to dump a tonne of software data files and folders into what should be your nicely organised, personal documents folder.

Joomla blank screen – how to show errors

If you ever have a blank screen in Joomla, it is quite likely due to some errors, perhaps PHP errors. Errors are turned off by default so in order to display your errors, add the following to your...

Using ffmpeg on a Mac the easy way!

There are various complicated posts online about installing ffmpeg on a mac so you can use it from the command line. I never quite have the patience for command line installations and often things...

Allowing IE8 to render websites like IE7

It is well known all Internet Explorer browsers render content differently, and we used to have different stylesheets for different versions.

Extract Files from an iPhone Backup

Due to downgrading an iPhone 3G from iOS 4 to iOS3, I needed to then extract all the media/images files from the iOS 4 backup so I can put back onto the iOS 3.
The iPhone/iPod Touch Backup...

Web Design in Cardiff by Amity Web Solutions

Escape the hustle and bustle for your Cardiff Web Design project. Pop over the mountain and visit us in beautiful Caerphilly for very competitive quotes at the highest standard of website design.

Flash of Jquery hidden content before JS is called to hide it

Solving the issue of showing hidden content on a page before JQuery is loaded and hides it