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The Ultimate Beginner Guide to SEO – Part Two

This is part two of our Ultimate Beginner guide to SEO, we will be going into more detail about what's needed to create great content and the fundamentals of a link-building strategy. If you missed...

The Ultimate Beginner Guide to SEO – Part One

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it's more commonly known; is defined as the "marketing process which focuses on the growth and visibility of your website on search engine e.g. Google". A lot...

How to choose the right web design company

Choosing the right web design company for your business can be quite challenging, we will help through our thought process.

Why mobile optimisation is crucial in retaining customers

Mobile optimisation isn't just a trend that a few organisations have adopted, it has become a key element when designing a website as it's crucial in retaining customers and staying ahead of your...

How do I choose the best web hosting for my business?

There are so many web hosting services available on the market, how would you know which one is perfect for your business?

6 reasons why bespoke websites are awesome for your business

This blog will give 6 great reasons to why bespoke websites can be really beneficial to your business, are you giving your customers what they want when they visit your website?

Popular Web Design Trends of 2015

Trends come and go in web design. We've taken a look back at the most popular of 2015, does your website feature any of these innovative concepts?

Google Search Results will Favour Mobile Websites from April 21st 2015. Get a...

On April 21st Google will be updating its ranking algorithm to favour mobile friendly websites when searched from mobile devices. A responsive website is vital to ensure your Google search rankings...

New Website Released for a Health Conference in India in April

We've released a new site for a health conference taking place in New Delhi in India in April 2015. We're especially proud as this was a last minute, urgent request and Amity were able to deliver.

We’ve Redesigned the Amity Website

A brand new design and built website has been released for Amity Web Solutions. The new site's main focus is to better advertise our service offering and be mobile friendly. A mobile friendly site is...