So that your site consistently performs well, we stay up to date with the latest trends in the web development industry. When we feel that developments might be of relevance to our client, we post them here on our blog. What’s more you can also check our social media accounts for the latest notifications and updates.

Amity one of the best in website uptime

Uptime dramatically varies between different website providers - and Amity is one of the best around! We've monitored the uptime of our website compared to 15 other websites in South Wales and the...

Web hosting with Amity just got better!

Now that we know we're one of the fastest websites in South Wales, we've decided to make all our Premium Hosting sites super quick!

Simply the fastest web design company in South Wales!

A comparison of just how fast Amity websites are against other South Wales web designers....

Dedicated Email Server Introduced

We have created a dedicated email server to host email accounts on. Any hosting accounts created will now have the website hosted on a web server, and the email accounts hosted on our email server. ...

New Website Monitoring System Developed by Amity

New web hosting services developed to monitor all of our websites and alert us of any issues immediately.

Safer Internet Day

Simple and easy steps to make your home internet safe for all the family.

My New Website is Not Indexed on Google?

We are often asked why new websites are not indexed in Google shortly after they go live. So this blog post aims to explain a couple of common reasons such as Google not indexing the site yet, or the...

New Web Developer Joins the Amity Web Solutions Team

A new web developer has joined the team to develop and help support customer websites and apps.

Custom Fonts and their use on Websites

A quick article explaining the selection and use of fonts on websites.

Bash Script to Create a Virtualmin Server and Transfer Files and Database from...

A bash script that creates a Virtualmin server then transfers files and the database from one server to the new Virtualmin server.